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Wooden Storage Set



Wood stashvault Set With Tray Bamboo Stash Box

 Holidays are here and we are delighted to offer a discount of 10% Off for limited-time on our StashVault.

StashVault a safe storage option with concealed spaces or secret stashes is a stashvault. It can be used to covertly store important objects, records, or other personal possessions. The phrase “wooden stashvault” could refer to a wooden storage solution with covert spaces or secret stashes for safekeeping that is both covert and secure. A wooden trunk with a false floor that lifts to disclose a secret compartment, a wooden picture frame that can conceal a gun behind it, and a wooden box with a concealed compartment are a few examples of wooden stashvaults. Wooden stashvaults can be bought from a number of places, including websites dedicated to woodworking or security, artisanal or custom furniture manufacturers, and internet stores like vapacksdispo.com

“Was bought as a gift and was very well received. Beautiful sturdy box with tons of great compartments and accessories! I highly recommend the Stash Vault to anyone thinking about purchasing.”  – Deana K.

Sliding Tray For Convenient Clean Up!

This sliding tray is hooked on with the perfect fit so it doesn’t move around in the box.

MAKE CLEANING EASY – If you’re like us, you like to keep the mess to a minimum. It’d be hard to find a box as well-crafted for cleanliness. You’ll have a slide-out tray, compartments for all your tools, and a notch to sweep out any debris.

TOP TIER TOOLS  – Don’t stress! We hooked you up with some high-quality accessories to use right out of the box. 


SECURE STORAGE – You’ll feel right at home the moment you open your StashVault. It strikes the ideal mix of security, portability, and room for a large laboratory. Everything you need will be conveniently located in one location.

THE BEST THINGS ARE KEPT SECRET – If being discreet is important to you, you’re in luck. Our simple, sleek bamboo design and our built-in lock & key to keep your things secure will scream “privacy


  • Plenty of space to store it all. bamboo rustproof alloy hinged storage box.
  • Made from strong bamboo with a polished finish.
  • Premium bamboo wood with a natural stain inside and out!
  • You can get creative with doodles or stickers on smooth surfaces.
  • The tray has a perfect fit so that the tray does not slide out on its own.
  • A beautiful gift that will continue to bring joy to your family or friends. Whenever they use it! StashVault


STASH VAULT, your one-stop shop for luxury storage options that will enhance your way of life. We have created a distinctive line of well constructed wood storage solutions, such as the stunning Rolling Tray Bamboo Stash Box, inspired by our love of elegance and organization.

Because we at STASH VAULT know how important it is to keep your essentials safe and organized, we provide a selection of carefully crafted storage options that elegantly combine usefulness and style. The Bamboo Stash Box, part of our Wood Storage Set, is expertly constructed to not only keep your valuables safe but also to give your room a refined look.

There are various stash box brands available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits

  1. HASHSTASH: The OG Stash Box is a portable and collapsible stash box made of aluminum alloy, glass, and bamboo. It comes with a built-in combo lock to keep your stash safe and discreet. The box is designed to be comfortable and relaxing, with everything you need for the optimal experience
  2. The Vault: The Vault is the world’s first carbon fiber stash box, made of Carbon F-Flex™ fabric infused with carbon fiber. It is crush-proof, slash-proof, water-proof, heat-proof, and shock-proof, providing insane protection for your stash. The box is smell-proof and comes with heavy-duty combo locks
  3. StashVault: StashVault is an Etsy shop that offers various stash vault products, including a rustic picture frame capable of hiding a gun behind it, a wooden trunk with a false floor, and a woodturning video featuring a stash box. The shop has rave reviews for its products
  4. Other brands: There are many other stash box brands available in the market, including Blackbox Goods, which offers a stash bag made of premium materials and superior craftsmanship, and various custom furniture makers who specialize in crafting unique and secure storage solutions

When comparing stash box brands, it is important to consider factors such as the material, size, security features, and price. It is also advisable to read reviews and testimonials from other customers to get an idea of the quality and performance of the product.



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