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Dime Disposable for sale Near Me USA

Dime Disposable is quickly becoming the leading cannabis brand because of our superior hardware, potent concentrates and delicious cannabis flavor profile. All Dime products have been vigorously lab tested and vetted by cannabis connoisseurs ensuring everyone has the ultimate “Think Higher” experience.

The name Dime has become synonymous with “trusted, safe, and powerful”. We use lab grade metals and glass to ensure the safest cannabis consumption for our users.

We have cultivated a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers that has evolved Dime Industries from a brand to a lifestyle.

Find out why Dime has the highest client satisfaction in the marketplace by picking up one of our products today!
Dime Disposable Pen
Dime DisposableBATTERY

• Longest lasting 4.2v high capacity battery
• Most powerful and reliable battery in the industry
• Universal with all 510 thread cartridges
• Turbo chip offering a custom heating curve and instantly heats up between 425°f to 480°f
• Proprietary smart chip for flavor preservation and to prevent over burning
• 2 click pre-heat option
• Includes a carrying case for device safety and cleanliness

Dime Disposable TANK

• Potent cannabinoid levels exceeding 90%
• Made with 100% solvent free cannabis oil and natural terpenes
• Zero-waste atomizer to savor every drop
• Large inverted plates for massive hits
• 14mm coil provides double the heating area
• Premium food grade stainless steel
• Child resistant packaging/tamper proof
• Validation sticker – counterfeit proof


• Ready to use, rechargeable device
• The only 600mg on the market
• Convenient all-in-one device
• Potent cannabinoid levels exceeding 90%
• Made with 100% solvent free cannabis oil and natural terpenes
• Premium food grade stainless steel
• Inverted dual ceramic plates for smooth large hits
• 12mm coil provides larger surface area
• Zero-waste atomizer to savor every drop
• Proprietary heating curve that instantly heats up between 375°F and 425°F for no burn and consistent even hits
• Child resistant packaging/tamper proof
• Validation sticker – counterfeit proof
• Rechargeable

Dime Disposable  LIVE RESERVE

Our live reserve is formulated with melted diamonds and high terpene extract, from premium flower to provide the most delicious tasting live resin on the market. The strains are limited, so buy one today while you still can!


Limited Edition is a flavor line we drop in limited skus. Guaranteed to be sold out.

Disposable Vape Pen by Dime Industries is Best in Class | Cannabis Now

Investing in a Dime disposable pen is a must for any marijuana or nicotine vape user. As one of the highest-quality vape pen manufacturers around, they’ve been the first choice for many consumers.

As a prominent provider of cannabis products, Dime Industries is one of our most trusted partners. They are fully licenced by the state of California, and all of their goods and raw materials are recorded and registered via cannabis wholesalers and growers from seed to sale, guaranteeing that every product they provide meets the highest standards of quality.

This blog dives into a deeper review of Dime disposable pens, the various flavors available, and how to easily purchase online.

Dime Disposable Review

The many different Dime disposable flavors provide a variety of unique experiences and sensory tastes. From tropical fruits to sweet candies, their line of flavors offers complex, yet balanced tastes. Let’s delve into the specifics of their most popular flavors.


We all know that forbidden things provide much more pleasure than anything else. The forbidden fruit flavor seeks to provide this exact same feeling. This flavor profile is a delightful mix of tropical fruits, berries, cherries and citrus fruits that will take your buds to tropical summer.


This aroma profile is a mix between Blueberry Haze and Super Lemon Haze. The sweet and tangy strain gives an energetic, euphoric feeling that’s perfect for a relaxing evening in the backyard.


The flavor of Apple Gelato immediately brings back childhood memories, such as your grandma’s apple pie. It is a mix between Gelato 33 Sour Apple IBL and a genuine hybrid strain that produces this taste profile.


This aroma profile of sweet mango and tropical flavors, unlike anything else you experienced before, makes this a unique sensory experience. Capable of calming nerves and boosting creative energy, it is excellent to concentrate on tasks.


50 Cent’s candy shop has become reality through our Candy Cane flavor. This Candy Cane taste is a refreshing twist on the Dime line up with a mixture of a mild peppermint and sweet cream.

How Long Do Dime Disposables Last?

The lifetime of the disposable stem pen relies on variables like your usage rate, the amount of cannabinoids inside each pen, and the cannabis quantity that may be consumed in each puff.

For most instances, it’s worth investing in a stronger steam pen with your starter kit. The stronger steam pen, the better value it will have in the long run. And if you want to extend the lifetime of your gadget even more, do not expose it to temperatures of 95 degrees or more.


It is also important to perform daily maintenance to extend the life of your Dime disposable pen. It’s simple to remove excess oil, as well as any lint and dust that may accumulate when travelling, by using rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Remember to keep your pen in an upright posture at all times and whenever possible, keep your batteries in their case, and out of direct sunlight.

Shop Dime Disposable Flavors With LAKushCab

Since its inception in 2017, KushCab has evolved to become California’s premier marijuana delivery service, helping patients from all across the state of California.

We seek to provide a transparent service to users through the use of industry-leading innovation and modern cannabis extracts, culminating in an unparalleled smoking experience that not only ensures our customers an impeccable flavor, but more crucially, a clean quality elevated that they can rely upon.

Learn more about KushCab, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

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We  deliver direct to you the highest quality CBD ,THC and RSO Cannabis oil Products. We have ensured that our supply chain has been optimized so that your Order is  with both quality and speed.

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